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About ABA

The Boring Stuff

Applied Behavior Analysis is the applied science of behavior. ABA is utilized across clinical and natural environments to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease interfering or maladaptive behaviors that could harm or isolate the individual. ABA is well known for its therapeutic value within the Autism Community, as ABA interventions are scientifically proven to reliably increase adaptive skills (functional communication, self-help, social skills) and decrease maladaptive behavior (severe aggression, life-threatening self-injury). ABA is often prescribed as a (relatively) short-term, high-intensity medical treatment across home, school, and community environments to program for skill generalization.

The Good Stuff

While ABA is widely recognized as the most effective treatment for symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is far more versatile than many are led to believe. ABA can have a stigma of being repetitive, rigid, or only for young children with Autism, however, nothing could be further from the truth! Like all fields of psychology, ABA has evolved tremendously since it was founded in the early 1900s. The ABA of today is person-centered, individualized, and reaches far beyond serving only those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. ABA should not be used in place of, but rather as a tool alongside, a supportive community of interdisciplinary providers with a common focus on evidence-based interventions.

Evoke Behavioral Health employs a team of well-rounded professionals with diverse backgrounds to provide a holistic, child-centered approach to therapeutic services for your family. We consider your child’s abilities, current and past circumstances, and individual and/or family values to provide the most comprehensive care available. Our ABA services are both evidence-based and person-centered—the best of both worlds.

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