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evoke t-shirt

Shirts are not required to be worn but it is encouraged!

  • Each full-time employee receives 5 shirts. 

  • Colors with a star next to them have been discontinued and there will not be any future orders of those colors.

  • Please select no more than 2 of the same color.

  • There is a maximum of 2 long-sleeved (1 black, 1 gray) shirts per NHO order. Additional long-sleeved shirts can be purchased. 

  • New Hires will receive shirts at the end of their 2-week training!

New Employees

Shirts are free of charge.

Use Promo code                      at "check out".


Current Employees

Additional shirts can be purchased at wholesale cost via paycheck deduction. 

Replacement shirts are free of charge if they are damaged beyond repair due to a client (rips or holes or stains larger than your fist).


Use Promo code                            at "check out".

Is it your Evoke-i-versary?
Well, why didn't ya say so?! 

Use Promo code                            at "check out".


(Back of Shirt)

Max of 1

Max of 1

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